Canines on Course offers a wide range of professional dog training services for dog owners in the Sacramento area. Training classes are designed to address specific behaviors or focused on training official service dogs. All dog training lessons can be customized to what you want your dog to learn, based on your dog’s unique needs. One-on-one private training classes, as well as group lessons are available.

Initial Consultation

All new clients are will have a consultation/training session at your first appointment. Think of it as a fact finding appointment.  I ask questions that will assist in setting up the perfect training plan for you and your dog.  This time allows me the opportunity to observe your family and your dog interactions.  When in your home (inside and out) it gives me the opportunity to personalize your lessons to your family and home.  From there I can set up a “specialized program”, which will include training options such as private lessons, group classes, costs etc.

Private Lessons

Canines on Course - Dog Training - Private LessonsIf you feel you and your dog would benefit from one-on-one time, I will schedule a Private Dog Training Lesson.

All of our dog training services allow the owner to play an integral role in the dog’s development.  Private lessons take it a step further and allow the owner and trainer to work directly with the dog with fewer distractions.  Your dog may need special attention or if he/she initially has trouble concentrating or working with a group, private lessons can help address behaviors in a quick and focused way.  Canines on Course provide private dog training lessons for the Greater Sacramento Area.  If you need more focused one-on-one dog training classes, private lessons may be for you

Group Lessons

Canines on Course - Dog Training - GroupLessonsGroup dog training classes provide the unique benefit of socialization with other dogs and people.  Group classes are informative and educational.  Exposing your dog t being in an environment around new dogs and people at an early age will help them in becoming a friendly, well socialized pet.

Group obedience and manners classes are an affordable way to train your dog.  Your dog learns to listen to you in a new environment with the distraction of other dogs.  I teach basic obedience – the things you want your dog to do (sit, come, etc.) – and manners stop the things you don’t want your dog to do (jumping on people, bolting out the door, etc)

Follow Up Training Sessions

Follow Up Training sessions are scheduled based in the initial consultation and your schedule.  Future lessons may include Basic obedience and any of the following behaviors:  jumping, door rushing, leash pulling, polite greeting, and house training to name a few.  Lessons can continue on to include more complicated or advanced training or behavior modification as our goal is to set you up for success.

Any cancellation or changes within 24 hours of scheduled appointments, full training lesson will be charged.

Service Dog Training

We provide private training for those who need Service Dogs, but don’t want to be put on a wait list.  We can help.  We require an evaluation of your current dog or we can assist in finding the right dog.  Length of training depends on the progress of the team and what tasks you need your dog to perform.

Pet First Aid

Hand on training including CPR techniques, first aid skills and valuable everyday care information for dogs and cats. This class includes our Petsaver handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate and wallet card.

Rescue Discount

This discount applies to those dogs adopted through Golden State German Shepherd Rescue and Happy Tails Sanctuary.